Bat Rolling Machines

Using a bat rolling machine to roll your softball or baseball will instantly make you a better hitter! This is because by having us roll your bat, your sweet spot is enlarged by as many as 3 times its normal size! Not to mention you're going to be hitting the ball farther-as much as 24 to 45 feet!

How A Bat Rolling Machine Works

When you roll your bat through a bat rolling machine, it is breaking the bat in gradually and evenly throughout the barrel. This is what creates a greater trampoline effect. The greater the trampoline effect, the farther and faster the baseball will travel. Some say that your bat is broken in after 700 hits, but by using a roller it will make the bat already broken in! Additionally, because we have a detailed process which we consider a trade secret, your bat won't have "soft spots" but will be broken in gradually and equally around the entire barrel and sweet spot. In our baseball experience, the greatest advantage from rolling isn't the distance, but the CONSISTENCY gained. What used to be a routine pop up is now a line drive. What was a grounder is now a hot shot. This is because a bat rolling machine  will enlarge your bats sweet spot and generate better hits on a consistent and regular basis. You will notice the difference!

Bat Rolling to add up to 20 - 40 feet to your bat

What Is Bat Rolling

Bat rolling is a process that is performed to a composite softball or baseball bat that helps accelerate the break-in period. Most manufactures recommend breaking in a new bat by hitting anywhere from 500 to 600 balls with it.

What Does Rolling Do

The different players associations have rules as to how fast a hit ball may come off the bat during play. In fast pitch softball it is 98 miles per hour. The manufactures know that a new bat will increase in speed the more it is used. Thus the break in period.  Rolling does no more than bring a bat up to its' designed performance level, without the break in period.

What Happens To The Bat

New composite bats are made from a variety of materials. They are usually a mesh material consisting of, glass, carbon, or Kevlar fibers. They are combined with a two part resin, and set into molds to create a new bat. Rolling the bat between the rollers under pressure, loosens these fibers and hard resin mixture. This creates the trampoline effect and helps the bat perform up to its' maximum potential.

What Is The Best Method

Most consider a dual operation to be the most complete method of rolling a bat. First the bat should be rolled perpendicular to the barrel, then it should be rolled parallel. This loosens the fibers in both directions and creates a very even trampoline effect to the bat.

Bat Rolling-Get The Most From Your Composite Bat by using a Rolling Machine

Maximize The Hitting Power Of Your New
Or Used Composite Bat

Add Power And Distance To Every Ball You Hit

  • Drive the ball through the infield with maximum power before
    the defense has time to react.
  • Rip line drives harder than you thought was possible with
    a bat fresh out of the wrapper.
  • Crush balls down the base lines for that extra base hit.
  • Smash the ball deep, and get the outfield running to the
    fence to try and make the play.